Hire No Sports Trivia for your event! We provide pre-made or custom games and can work with you to make a game about anything…that isn’t sports. 

Are looking for the weirdest professionally appropriate fun you can have for your next offsite, team-building, wedding, bat mitzvah, or dissertation defense? 

NO SPORTS TRIVIA can bring a pre-made or custom game to your event. Games can be scaled to meet the needs of groups of up to 100 and content is designed to meet audience needs. We can even provide a G or PG game for families or a politics-free game for Republicans, just ask. 

Typical games include current events and general knowledge questions, themed questions, music questions, and a round of questions for nerds of all types. Trivia adds a layer of smart fun to any event, and our questions are guaranteed to get people talking. 

To learn more,  contact us or email nosportstrivia@gmail.com